The Prophets (Major and Minor)

Jul 12, 2021 1:13:00 PM


This summer, we are going to be spending extended time in the prophets so this will be a great resource page as you travel through these minor (think shorter in length, not less relevant) and major prophets.

The prophets can be misunderstood, misapplied, and just downright confusing at times if we don’t understand the role of prophets in the Old Testament, the context into which they were speaking, and God’s heart for His people. There are a couple of theological rabbit holes that you can go down on this journey and I tried to include a few resources from different perspectives (have the gifts of prophecy ceased? do they function the same way now?). However, I would encourage you to practice your Bible interpretation skills here: it cannot mean to you what it did not mean to the original hearers! The main question the original hearers were asking was not “how do the gifts of prophecy function in 21st century life?” God was warning them about the coming judgement, making promises about a coming salvation, and calling them to walk in obedience. One of the resources below asks this great question: How does the work of Christ and the power of the Holy Spirit save me from this judgment, secure these promises of God for me, and free me to walk in the obedience that honors the Lord? This summer, that’s a great question for us to ask as well.

Every book resources

These resources can provide you with great themes to look for as you read and help you to see each book’s connection to the overarching story of redemptive history.


All 66 Books of the Bible 

This article summarizes the action and main theme of every book in one sentence. Great for review and anchoring yourself in the timeline.


Glimpsing the Gospel in Every Book of the Bible

As you read the OT, you have the opportunity to glimpse the good news of Jesus—every story whispers His name (thanks Jesus Storybook Bible). This article offers great thematic anchors to help you understand the gospel connections.


learn: the gospel one chapter at a time

You can click thru this site for a great resource from Paul Tripp on each book of the Bible! I’d recommend reading it prior to starting each new book!


watch: how to read the prophets

This video from the Bible Project is a great resource on how to read this biblical genre!



Each of these videos from the Bible Project summarizes the themes and action of the individual books and illustrates these ideas (literally).


watch: isaiah part 1 watch: isaiah part 2

watch: jeremiah overview watch: lamentations overview

watch: ezekiel part 1 watch: ezekiel part 2

watch: daniel overview watch: hosea overview

watch: joel overview watch: amos overview

watch: obadiah overview watch: jonah overview

watch: micah overview watch: nahum overview

watch: habakkuk overview watch: zepheniah overview

watch: haggai overview watch: zechariah overview

watch: malachi overview




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