We exist to be a gospel-centered, missional family of disciples making disciples. This means that we view the gospel of Christ as central to everything we do. From that, we desire to carry out the good news of Jesus Christ's life, death, and resurrection into our daily rhythms. From work, to school, to kids' sports teams, and everything in-between, we want our people to truly be a gospel-centered, missional family. As this mission is carried out, we want to see believers being raised up as disciples of Christ who then go and make new disciples. 




From the beginning Redeemer has said we want to be a church-planting church. We see the importance of utilizing our resources, time, and people to further expand God's Kingdom, and thus the 20/20 Vision was born. Our hope is that by God's grace we will be able to plant 20 churches domestically and send out 20 missionary groups internationally by the year 2020. We have see God be incredibly faithful in this for the last 10 years and are looking forward for all he has in store over these next couple years as we approach 2020.