Covenant Membership

“A cord of three strands is not quickly broken" - Ecclesiastes 4:12

Why Covenant Membership?

Covenant membership is an important part of our who we are at Redeemer. We believe there is great value in joining a local church that is committed to the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We will provide the necessary tools for becoming a covenant member, but we rely on you – the prospective covenant member – to take initiative, responsibility, and ownership throughout the process.

So what is Covenant Membership? We believe when anyone enters into a relationship with God by grace through faith in the person and work of Jesus Christ, they are entering into two covenants. The first is to journey with God for the rest of their lives and love Him fully. The second is to journey with His other children in the community of the local church. Whether you realized it or not, you entered into a covenant with Jesus and simultaneously with the rest of the universal church (all truly converted Christians in the world).

To reflect our union with Christ and all Christians, we are called to make a concrete commitment to a group of Christians in our city, with whom we live our faith out together missionally and in covenant with one another.