Our Values & Beliefs

A Gospel-Centered Missional Family

Our Beliefs

What's Most Important

We are all relational beings with a desire to know and be known by others and our Creator. This Creator of the universe has revealed Himself to us through His Son, Jesus Christ. Fully knowing the depth of our sin, He still chose to fully pursue and love us through His life, death, and resurrection. Jesus not only rescued and redeemed a people for His glory but also adopted them into His family and invited them to the joy of knowing Him and making Him known. The way we reflect those realities here at Redeemer Church is by being a Gospel-Centered, Missional Family. We desire to center our lives on the good news of the person and work of Jesus Christ and know how this reality transforms our hearts, motives, and everyday life rhythms. The New Testament paints a picture of the church as a people, not just an event. Therefore, we feel it is vitally important to center our lives on Jesus and allow Him to form us into a community – a family of people on mission.

Our Values

Gospel-Centered Missional Family

Our mission at Redeemer is to be a gospel-centered missional family of disciples making disciples. In everything, we want to know, love, and obey God by declaring and demonstrating the gospel wherever God has us. You may wonder what that looks like for you in a practical sense, so we put our mission into action in what we call "Discipleship Rhythms.”

We are a very simple church, and we do not want to overload the calendars of our members with church activities. But we do want to help them worship and enjoy God in all they do. As we gather on Sundays, gather in our Gospel Communities and scatter in our normal life rhythms, we want to help them go deeper in applying the gospel and living missionally in everyday life.

Believe The Gospel

We want you to Believe the Gospel more deeply as we teach the Bible in our weekly worship services.

Form Family

We want you to find family in a weekly Gospel Community as you care for and connect with one another.

Join The Mission

We want you to join the mission through serving, sharing, generosity, and supporting the work as a Covenant Member.

Make Disciples

We want God's Word to take root in you and spread to others as you Make Disciples in a yearly Grow Group of 3 - 5 men or women.